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Kent Tune Up

The efficiency and power of your vehicle can be restored with regular tune up of your engine. At Premier Automotive Services, our Kent tune up technicians will visually inspect all of your engine components and replace the old worn out components with new components, such as the fuel filter and the spark plugs. After your vehicle is tuned up, you will discover that your engine is more efficient, runs smoother, and starts easier. A regular tune up of your vehicle’s engine will restore lost power, improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and lower the emissions of your vehicle. You are investing in the long term health of your vehicle, which will save you both money and time whenever you have a tune up performed on your vehicle based on the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer. Our Kent tune up technicians are well trained to adhere to your vehicle manufacturer’s specification.

Much better fuel efficiency can be achieved by performing a tune up on your vehicle. In fact it is estimated that the average increase in gas mileage is 16 cents per gallon or 4%. The engines in the modern vehicles are difficult to troubleshoot because they are so highly advanced. That is exactly the reason that our Kent tune up technicians are ASE certified and will use vehicle computer information and sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment to locate worn out components and hidden problems. Depending on the model and age of your vehicle, tuning up your vehicle’s engine might include:

  • A Complete Inspection of Your Entire Engine and All of its Components
  • Replacement of Worn Out or Faulty Electronic Engine Parts including Control Module Components and Oxygen Sensors
  • Replacement of Worn Out or Faulty Fuel Filters, Air Filters, and or Spark Plugs
  • Adjustment of Your Vehicle’s Timing and Idle
  • On Those Vehicles Equipped With a Manual Transmission, Adjustment of the Clutch

Regardless if it includes spark plugs or not, performing a tune up on your vehicle by our Kent tune up technician is still a relevant service. The computer system, emissions system, fuel system, and ignition are all working in harmony whenever your vehicle has had a proper tune up. The result is peak combustion chamber efficiency, which will ensure that your vehicle is emitting the minimum amount of pollutants in addition to saving you money at the gas pump.

The interval for performing a tune up on your vehicle depends on the vehicle. The owner’s manual will have this information. Although it isn’t always the case, many people simply assume that having a tune up performed on their vehicle will solve a drivability problem. Our Kent tune up technicians who are ASE certified perform a verification to ensure that your vehicle will benefit from having a tune up. However, your vehicle might need an engine diagnosis and your problem might be unrelated to having a tune up.

All of the components that the Premier Automotive Services installs are all guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of the manufacturer. We will return all of your old parts to you upon request. This service, much the same as all of the services we perform, is advised based on the recommendations of your manufacturer, or as required as determined based on industry standards and by our own inspection criteria. We will analyze the performance of critical engine components including the electronic control module and oxygen sensors by using computerized diagnostic equipment during the tune up of your vehicle. We will replace faulty or worn out components as required during the tune up of your vehicle. Vibrations and/or temperature underneath the hood of the vehicle can result in many different components to become less efficient.

Sometimes a potential engine problem will be indicated by the illumination of a light on the dashboard. Premier Automotive Services can help your vehicle achieve maximum vehicle performance and fuel efficiency by performing a tune up on your vehicle. We will also make your vehicle easier to start and run much smoother by performing a tune up on your vehicle.

We can increase your vehicle’s power, reduce hesitation, and improve acceleration by performing a tune up on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s engine will no longer misfire, backfire, knock, or stall out when using the air conditioner or when the engine is cold or hot. Your vehicle will be more fuel efficient and not continue to run after the ignition has been turned off. If your vehicle is experiencing and of these symptoms, maybe it is time you had a tune up performed on your vehicle.

A vehicle that has had a proper tune up will improve its performance, gas mileage as well as our environment. A great way to keep your vehicle performing at its very best while saving money on gas, at the price of gas these days, is to have a tune up performed on your vehicle’s engine annually.

Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of numerous complicated components that work together to make sure that your vehicle runs and starts properly. However, these components can wear out over time, which can result in a loss of fuel economy and performance. The ASE certified automotive technicians at Premier Automotive services are trained to tune up the high tech engines of today. We are here to help extend the life of and maintain your vehicle by performing a tune up on that vehicle.

Over the years the complexity of an engine tune up has increased significantly. However, the basics of how an internal combustion gasoline engine works haven’t. Air and clean gas have to be pumped into to your engine’s cylinders where the spark plugs initiate combustion which results in the power required to cause the vehicle to move.

At Premier Automotive Services, when you stop in, we will examine your vehicle’s air filter and recommend that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for replacing such key components as spark plugs, valves, PCV(Positive Crankcase Ventilation), and fuel filters, during a tune up of your vehicle whenever they stop working at maximum efficiency.