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At Premier Automotive Services, our Kent starter repair department is the best place to take your vehicle for quality starter repair. We provide only the best starter replacement and repair service for your vehicle. The ignition is the root of your starter motor. The ignition system permits electricity to flow between the starter motor and the battery to complete the circuit for the starter motor to turn over when you turn your key on.

The two devices that permit the ignition to fire and start the engine are the solenoid and the starter motor. Usually the solenoid is affixed directly to the starter motor because the automobile manufactures deemed it to be the most efficient configuration. In combination with a spike of electricity from your battery, these two devices turn the starter motor over, which, in turn, crank the engine over. In addition, the starter cranks the engine over, which draws in an air and fuel mixture into the engine providing the initial explosion your engine that is required for the engine to start.

If your engine tries to start, but cranks over slowly or doesn’t crank at all, usually, there are only a few things that can cause the starter motor not working properly. Bad wiring is one. Basic wiring is required in order to take the charge of electricity from the battery. Heat and time can make any wiring short out or fail to conduct. All that might be required is simply replacing the bad wiring. Another starter motor related problem is a broken or cracked solenoid. And since the starter motor and the solenoid work together to get the starter motor to turn over, a cracked solenoid could result in the failure of the starter motor to crank over the engine or prevent the engine from running because it isn’t getting the spark of electricity necessary to run. Lastly, an undercharged or weak battery won’t be able to provide the starter motor with sufficient electricity to turn the engine over. The engine may simply not turn over or you might hear a rapid clicking noise.

At Premier Automotive Services, our Kent starter repair technicians know that there are also some mechanical problems associated with a starter motor problem that could cause it to fail. For instance, the flywheel, which is a circular device that has numerous interlocking teeth that move in time with the pistons and the crankshaft. The starter motor can appear to stop functioning if these teeth become too degraded. Since nearly all of these components are housed inside a bell housing, with the exception of the starter motor, ultimately they aren’t intended to be serviced individually. Therefore, it is usually best to replace the entire starter motor. This will make sure that your vehicle will start reliably for many years in the future.

The process of troubleshooting the combination of a solenoid and a starter motor can rapidly become a difficult job for our Kent starter repair technicians of Premier Automotive Services. We can provide quality service for your starter motor problem and relieve you of the stress of trying to figure out the starter motor problem. At Premier Automotive Services, our starter repair department has automotive technicians who are experts at diagnosing and repairing starter motors.

The starter repair department of Premier Automotive Services has numerous years of experience repairing and rebuilding motors for many different kinds of vehicles, such as automobiles, recreational vehicles, farm equipment, forklifts, and boats, among others We offer cost effective pricing, which provides our customers with more value for their money. For your starter motor problem you should a company that offers guaranteed satisfaction and places their customers at the forefront.

At Premier Automotive Services, our starter repair department is fully equipped and has ASC certified automotive technicians along with computerized state-of-the-art starter motor diagnostic equipment.

As far as getting results is concerned, you should consider taking advantage of our expertise. The starter motor electrical system can be very complex, especially for those who haven’t been trained in the specifics of starter motor electrical systems. It requires the assistance of an experienced automotive technician to diagnose and repair all starter motor problems. Our extensive experience with starter motors and advanced technology that we use will have your starter motor repaired in no time.

You shouldn’t trust just anybody with the large investment that you have made with your vehicle. At Premier Automotive Services, we have a proven track record of competitive rates, quick turnaround time, and providing unsurpassed service for all of your starter motor repairs. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate for your starter motor repair.