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Kent Factory Scheduled Maintenance

You can prevent expensive vehicle repairs and extend the life of your vehicle with the factory scheduled maintenance that Premier Automotive Services can provide. Our Kent Factory Scheduled Maintenance technicians know what preventative maintenance your vehicle requires and how important your vehicle is to you. We will help you follow the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. The factory scheduled maintenance that Premier Automotive Services offers will help prevent large repairs, keep your vehicle running safer and longer, and improve your fuel efficiency. It is important to pay attention to the proper scheduled maintenance. We can tailor a scheduled maintenance package that meets the specific requirements for your vehicle.

The absolute best way to keep your vehicle in the optimum running condition is to perform regular maintenance recommended by the factory. The vehicle manufacturer develops their specific maintenance schedules based on the equipment on that particular model such as a towing package of type of transmission. The maintenance schedule bases its calculations of service requirements on the mileage on your vehicle. It helps with the coordination of maintenance checkups such as oil changes and checks the operating conditions of the engine. This helps to avoid potential problems before they occur.

The Kent factory scheduled maintenance technicians can provide the most important things you can do to prevent breakdowns of your vehicle. The manufacturer of every vehicle recommends regular service specifically intended for a particular vehicle. The maintenance for a vehicle with 30,000 miles could include:

  • Inspect steering and suspension components. Lubricate Where Required
  • Inspect Electrical System and Battery
  • Inspect Light
  • Inspect Brakes
  • Flush Transmission Fluid
  • Replace Wiper Blades
  • Clean Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel and Air Filter Replacement
  • Radiator Coolant Flush
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Check Exhaust System for Corrosion and Leaks
  • Check All System Fluids
  • Check Condition of Radiator Hoses and Drive Belts
  • Check Tires and Air Pressure
  • Check PH Balance of Antifreeze
  • Test the Battery and the Charging System for Correct Output
  • Inspect any Other Items for Your Vehicle Specified by the Manufacturer

The owners’ manual of your vehicle will have the scheduled maintenance requirements for your vehicle. We can also print out a maintenance schedule for your vehicle from our computer system.

Specific services for the many different systems and components are outlined in the maintenance schedules provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle. In order to prevent premature wear and ensure proper operation, these services are performed at different mileage intervals and times. In order to maintain the factory warranty and extended warranty, the manufacturer also indicates that there are specific services that must be done.

Vehicle owners should avoid generic services offered by some dealers and shops. Their approach won’t ensure the longevity you require. We offer detailed maintenance and repair requirements from our computerized automotive information systems to keep your vehicle in total compliance with the warranty provided by your manufacturer.

Our ASE certified automotive technicians will listen carefully to your concerns to ensure that you don’t waste any money or time performing services that are unnecessary. Premier Automotive Services understands that your vehicle is unique and we will assign the absolute best automotive technician for your problem. We will never perform without your permission. Our ASE certified automotive technicians are experts in their fields and they are stand behind their work.

Premier Automotive Services can provide option to catchup on your scheduled maintenance by providing major services that should have been previously performed. You can trust these catchup services because they come right from the manufacturer of the vehicle. Our customers become customers for life
because we save them money in the long run with improved gas mileage and fewer breakdowns, and less expensive repairs, as a result of them taking advantage of factory scheduled maintenance.

The factory scheduled maintenance that Premier Automotive Services offers is an important investment that will maximize the resale value, safety, durability, reliability, and performance or your vehicle. You can make sure you’re your vehicle is running at its very best by scheduling the maintenance for your vehicle at the recommended intervals. We want you to enjoy your vehicle. We provide a maintenance and service guide to help you ensure that your vehicle receives the timely and proper maintenance that is required. We can help you to determine the best maintenance schedule based on the local conditions and your driving habits. If you don’t perform your scheduled maintenance you could reduce the resale value, durability, reliability, safety, and performance of your vehicle in addition to possibly excluding portions of your vehicle from warranty coverage. Scheduled maintenance is the lifeblood of your vehicle.