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Kent Emissions Repair

Emissions testing is required every two years in King County, WA. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle is one of the best ways to make sure that you pass the emissions test. However, if your vehicle fails the emissions test, at Premier Automotive Services, our Kent emissions repair can help. The first thing to do is schedule an appointment with our Kent emissions repair so that we can diagnose and repair the problem with your vehicle.

Usually if you have the repair completed within one month, the retest is free. However, subsequent retests are not free. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have the emissions repair done by an expert who has all of the right equipment including diagnostic equipment and tools to make sure that the it is done right the first time. At Premier Automotive Services, our Kent emissions repair have the necessary diagnostic equipment that will allow us to determine the cause of the problem and we also have the expertise to fix the problem.

We have numerous years of experience with emissions repair. We are an authorized facility in King County, WA. We can help you pass your test if your vehicle has recently failed the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) test. Our service facility works on all makes and models of both domestic and foreign vehicles. The DEQ is the entity that is responsible for testing vehicles to make sure that they aren’t emitting excess air pollution.

It can be rather expensive to make the required repairs to pass an the test in Washington State. You are required to spend a minimum of $150.00 of the diagnosis and repair of the problem if your vehicle has failed the test. We can ensure that you qualify for an emissions waiver because we are an authorized facility. Although any repair shop can repair your vehicle, the repair costs will only apply toward a waiver when an AES (Authorized Emission Specialist) performs the repairs.

Usually, there is a $15 fee for the DEQ emissions test. If performed within the original test, the retest is free. You should have received a printout of the test results for your vehicle if you have recently failed the DEQ emissions test. We can service or reinstall the components required to make sure that your vehicle passes the DEQ emissions retest after a complete inspection has been performed by one of our ASE certified automotive technicians and the emissions test results.

Emissions testing is a necessary part of our lives as vehicle owners in Washington State. Thankfully, it only comes around every two years, and if you have a mechanic that you can trust to keep your vehicle operating successfully, then you should have no concerns.

If your vehicle has the check engine light activated and you haven’t yet had your vehicle emissions tested, we suggest you take your vehicle to Premier Automotive Services for emissions testing and schedule service with Premier Automotive Services emissions repair and we will correct the emissions problem with your vehicle.