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Kent Check Engine Light

Although you shouldn’t panic when your check engine light comes on, there may well be a reason for concern. At Premier Automotive Services our Kent Check Engine Light ASE technicians are experts when it comes to diagnostic procedures to determine the root cause of these warning indicators. When the check engine or service engine soon light comes on in your vehicle it’s the computer that is commanding the light to come on. The computer monitors all of the management systems in your vehicle and when it finds a problem with one of those management systems it let’s you know by way of this check engine light. Some of these systems are:

  • Fuel Management
  • EVAP System
  • EGR System
  • Air Intake System
  • Exhaust/Catalyst System
  • Primary/Secondary Ignition Systems

After the effected system is identified, the next step is to perform pinpoint testing of that system to determine the failure. Proper diagnostics is the most important step of any repair procedure. This is why our Kent Check Engine Light technicians constantly continue their education through 20 hours of tech training per year to accurately give a proper diagnosis and recommendation of repairs. This saves you time and money.

All modern vehicles are equipped with an OBDII (onboard computer diagnostic system) that is continually monitoring your very important transmission and engine as well as the primary operation systems in your vehicle. The primary reason to monitor these systems is to ensure that your vehicle is operating with the lowest possible emissions and at peak efficiency.

As emissions control and fuel economy has become ever increasingly complex and important, the electronics systems in your vehicle have to be continually fine-tuned and adjusted for the many different parameters in accordance with driving conditions, such as the air/fuel mixture, temperature, and vehicle load.

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