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Kent Water Pump Repair

When the weather turns warm in the summertime, your automobile can suffer from a malfunctioning cooling system, which can result in overheating and damage the radiator. At Premier Automotive Services, our Kent water pump repair technicians have been trained by the factory who can inspect your cooling system and replace any worn or damaged water pump components. This will provide you with peace of mind and keep your engine protected during warm months in the summertime.

During this inspection the engine temperature will be monitored and the hoses will be checked for leaks and damage. Water pumps deliver efficient performance and long life because they contain a precision bearing. The thermostats are designed for long life and top performance. Along with conventional engines, premium engine coolant is based on ethylene glycol based and is safe for aluminum heads and radiators.

One of the most important components on your automobile’s engine is the water pump. This water pump prevents your automobile’s engine from overheating by continuously pumping coolant through your automobile’s engine. Serious damage can be caused to your automobile’s engine by a faulty bearing or a leak. As an automobile owner, you need to be on the lookout for problems that require replacement or repairs. Signs that your engine’s water pump might need to be replaced include high engine temperature readings or puddles of water or coolant beneath your automobile.

An engine will heat up to a rather high temperature since it is burning fuel and has moving parts. Although, your engine will usually run better at a somewhat high temperature rather than being cold, this is normal. However, the engine can also run at too high a temperature. This can cause damage that can range from complete destruction of the engine, such as fire to something as minor as the need for fresh engine coolant. Therefore, in order to keep the engine running at just the right temperature, the engine has a cooling system.

Overheating the engine can result in the automobile breaking down. This overheating can be the result of several different problems within the system. One of those problems is the engine’s water pump. At Premier Automotive Services, we can diagnose the overheating problem to determine if the water pump is at fault. Our auto technicians will never wash the engine’s coolant down the drain because the coolant contains antifreeze. Antifreeze must be disposed of properly because it is hazardous waste. Proper disposition of antifreeze is different in different communities. We know how to dispose of antifreeze properly in Kent including the container required for disposal.

We will also replace any worn or damaged belts or hoses associated with the cooling system when we replace the customer’s water pump. This will prevent any breakdowns down the road. It is far less expensive to replace worn or damaged belts or hoses than paying for a tow truck and much more convenient. Hoses and belts can easily be damaged when removing or placing them back on the engine because they are actually somewhat fragile. Our Kent water pump repair technician will make sure that they don’t come into contact with gasoline, oil, antifreeze, or grease while they are off the engine, which isn’t always easy when replacing the water pump. Just to be on the safe side it is always beer to replace the belts and hoses with new ones because they aren’t expensive.

In accordance with the directions on the antifreeze container and the manual for the automobile, we will replace the water and antifreeze in the cooling system after the hoses, belts, and water pump have been replaced. The antifreeze will be diluted to one part water to one part antifreeze.